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Epicore Biosystems acquires Eccrine Systems assets, adds seasoned executive Laura Lang to its Board of Directors.

March 4, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Upon completing its recent $10 million series A funding round, digital health and wearable solutions company Epicore Biosystems announced today that it has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Eccrine Systems, a Cincinnati-based wearable sensor company with advanced aptamer-based sweat sensing technology utilized for precision medicine and adherence monitoring. Epicore also added Laura Lang, marketing executive, investor, and previous CEO of Time, Inc. and Digitas to its board of directors.

"Epicore's suite of wearable products and sensing technology stands to transform how we track and treat a whole host of health conditions, from hydration to nutrition, even stress," said Lang. "The potential of this technology is extraordinary, and I am thrilled to be joining Epicore's board and working with its management team to bring it to scale."

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