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The Gx System featuring the new Gx Smart Bottle and the Gx Sweat Patch. Closing the loop on personalized hydration

Oct 4, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Gatorade — Latest release: A tech-enabled squeeze bottle designed to help athletes set and track their daily hydration goals.

Sync your Smart Gx Bottle with the Gx App to set daily hydration goals. Pick up a Gx Sweat Patch to measure your sweat and what's in it so we can see what your body needs and when. This is pro technology available to every athlete.

Digital Health Company Epicore Biosystems Won’t Sweat Supply-Chain Bottlenecks

Oct 3, 2022

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) —
“It is critical for companies in industries like healthcare to avoid logistical bottlenecks that could affect the development and delivery of medical devices. Our collaboration with 3M and Innovize ensures that Epicore Biosystems has a strong domestic production infrastructure," said Jeffrey Model, Chief Product Officer and co-founder.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with material science and manufacturing powerhouses as we expand our suite of clinically validated, sweat-sensing products and pave the way for the future of noninvasive health-tracking wearables."

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