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Sweat is an information rich biofluid with many applications

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the problem

Traditional diagnostics are costly and uncomfortable

They require trained technicians and invasive processes like blood draws or urine exams. Meanwhile, advancements in external sweat analysis have simplified tracking biomarkers and disease progression.


Over 32,000

the solution

The Discovery Patch Sweat Collection System reimagines clinical trials through a simpler, more comfortable method.

Multitude of Biomarkers

Streamlines the process of sweat capture, collection, and inspection across many applications, including hydration, nutrition, stress, and women's health.

Unlock Clinical Data

Enables remote clinical trials across a wealth of biomarkers and metabolic health data in a non-invasive mode of operation.

Scientifically Validated

Safe and effective based on years of research with FDA Class I registration.

product elements

Wearable Patch

A soft, single-use wearable patch designed to be worn comfortably on the skin allowing sweat to be collected and rapidly transferred to cryovials for analysis.

product elements

Remote Research

Sweat samples are captured and stored in cryovials in preparation for analysis using laboratory-based instruments.

product elements

Biomarker Summary Report

Sweat biomarker levels, statistical trends, and comparisons are analyzed and presented in a Discovery Data Report.

Download Instructions for Use

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Sweat as a diagnostic biofluid: Skin-interfaced microfluidic systems help assess health status and chemical exposure

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