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Hydration is essential to maximizing performance and recovery

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the problem

Hydration levels dropping by just 2% can reduce athletic performance

Dehydration also leads to muscle fatigue, which increases the risk of injury and limits performance through symptoms like cramps, soreness, and shortness of breath.

the solution

The Gx Sweat Patch is designed for athletes of all disciplines, helping them better understand the hydration regimen they need to perform at their best.

Groundbreaking Tech

Our first-of-its-kind patch, app, and cloud work in tandem to track hydration and give athletes custom recommendations.

Peak Performance

Athletes can tap into rehydration strategies that guide recovery, allowing them to better harness their potential.

Personalized Profiles

Workout profiles allow athletes to customize action plans based on whole-body sweating rate and sodium losses across workout types and environments.

product elements

Smart Patch

A skin-like, microfluidic wearable that captures sweat to analyze fluid and electrolyte losses during exercise.

product elements

Mobile App

The data-driven Gx app delivers real-time insights and lets users create personalized hydration and dietary plans based around their needs.

product elements

Gx Cloud

The Gx Cloud logs the duration, intensity, and sweat profile of each workout, in turn helping athletes optimize fuel intake.


Our Partnership

Our partnership with Gatorade and PepsiCo have allowed the creation and global distribution of a personalized hydration management solution for athletes worldwide.

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The Gx Sweat Patch for personalized hydration management

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