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Hydration is essential for industrial safety

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the problem

Industrial athletes operate in increasingly dangerous conditions

Excessive heat exposure can lead to impaired cognition, heat illness, and severe chronic health issues which pose safety risks to workers and those around them.

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the solution

Connected Hydration empowers workers to combat the harmful effects of dehydration and heat exposure by providing personalized feedback and interventions.

Elevated Awareness

Our Smart Wearable, worn on the arm, teaches workers how to proactively hydrate based on their measured sweat loss, electrolyte loss, skin temperature, and motion.

Improved Safety & Recovery

Workers receive fluid and electrolyte suggestions in real-time to provide immediate feedback on how to rehydrate.

Preventative Measures

By providing safety teams with actionable data, Connected Hydration anticipates risk as well as the changing environmental factors impacting workers.

Safe and Secure

Connected Hydration is certified CLASS I, DIV 2, GROUPS A, B, C, AND D, T6; CLASS I, ZONE 2, AEX IC IIC T6 GC. Epicore Biosystems is certified for SOC2 Type 2, demonstrating user data protection, integrity, security and confidentiality.

product elements

Smart Wearable

A lightweight and low-profile device that continuously measures sweat loss, sodium loss, temperature, and motion throughout the workday.

product elements

Mobile App

Utilize real-time hydration suggestions, track intake, devise personalized hydration action plans, and learn what`s needed to refuel using our data-driven mobile app.

product elements

Secure Cloud

Hydration data and environmental factors on our Secure Cloud enable health, nutrition, and safety supervisors to improve workplace safety using tailor-made insights.

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Continuous personal monitoring and personalized hydration recommendations with wearable sweat sensors to prevent occupational heat stress

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