Continuous real-time hydration monitoring

Real-time alerts and hydration recommendations.

Dehydration has been demonstrated to contribute to cognitive and physical performance deficits and reduced work capacity. Connected Hydration is an advanced wearable tracker that continuously monitors sweat volume loss, electrolyte loss, body temperature, and body movement. Based on the individual user’s physiology, it provides heat injury alerts when a user has exceeded a pre-determined threshold of sweat loss. Hydration recommendations are dynamically updated; fluid and electrolyte replenishment plans are presented in an easy to understand dashboard so that users can rehydrate during work breaks. The device is wirelessly connected for reporting and longitudinal trend analysis.

Direct and continuous sweat measurements.

Connected Hydration computes personalized hydration recommendations with dehydration alerts based on direct and continuous measurements of sweat loss. The device contains a thin microfluidic substrate on the skin that captures eccrine sweat. Embedded sensors then measure sweat volume, electrolyte content, body temperature, and body movement, tracking changes over time. These sensing capabilities provide contextual data streams and leverage algorithms that inform the user’s personalized rehydration strategy.

Simple and individualized.

Connected Hydration works in the background by continuously monitoring sweat dynamics and biomarkers, providing alerts, and recommendations on fluid and electrolyte intake to replenish based on that individual’s needs. The data and recommendations collectively guide behavioral strategies to help keep users well hydrated to mitigate risk of heat injury.

Designed for Hazardous Locations.

Our users work in tough and rugged environments. Connected Hydration is designed to withstand hazardous conditions. The device housing is made of an impact resistant, static-resistant plastic to minimize the chance of spark. The module operates under PPE providing real-time tracking of sweat biomarkers, motion, and skin temperature.

  • UL121203 Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D; and Class I, Zone 2, Group IIC
  • IEC60079 Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D, T6 (Pending)
  • Class I, Zone 2, AEx ic IIC T6 Gc (Pending)
  • Zone 2, Ex ic IIC T6 Gc (Pending)
  • Ex ic IIC T6 Gc (Pending)

Applications in digital healthcare, athletic performance, and worker safety, backed by science.

This continuous, real-time platform is extensible for analysis of biomarkers such as lactate, wound exudate, and more. Publications demonstrate a breadth of application areas and the possibilities of our continuous health monitoring solutions.

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