Continuous real-time hydration monitoring is now possible

We enable improved worker safety monitoring and feedback.

Monitoring biomarkers such as sweat-loss and skin temperature from underneath PPE provides a deeper look at the physiological conditions that workers face. Continuous monitoring of biomarkers over time makes detection of heat illness possible, thereby providing insights and recommendations to adjust work-rest schedules.

Improved worker health and prevention of heat-related incidents are made possible by real-time alerts individualized to workers’ own biomarkers.

Connected Hydration continuously monitors in real-time.

Our device takes advantage of wireless data transmission to make heat illness monitoring feasible for industrial athletes. The device can be worn under protective gear and monitored remotely from a central dashboard. Alerts triggered by real-time data provide feedback when and where it's needed, to the individual and/or their supervisor. Reviewing data collected over time informs environmental changes promoting health, safety, and wellness of workers.

Epicore's API is capable of interfacing with existing incident reporting infrastructure, phones, smart watches, tablets, PCs, gateways, and more.

Our sleek, low-profile, device is designed to be applied and forgotten about. The small footprint and well-designed encapsulation can withstand even the vigorous movement of industrial-athletes.

Applications in digital healthcare, athletic performance, and worker safety, backed by science.

This continuous, real-time platform is extensible for analysis of biomarkers such as lactate, wound exudate, and more. Publications demonstrate a breadth of application areas and the possibilities of our continuous health monitoring solutions.

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