Connected Hydration

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Connected Hydration Overview

Connected Hydration Components:

  • MODULE: Reusable electronics module that will be paired to a user account and reused across all days of participation. Do not dispose.
  • FLUIDIC PATCH: Single-use adhesive patch. A new FLUIDIC PATCH is used at the start of each new work shift. After the work shift or at the end of a day's use of the DEVICE, the FLUIDIC PATCH can be un-clipped from the MODULE and disposed.
  • ALCOHOL WIPE: Single-use alcohol wipe to clean the application area of the bicep before applying the FLUIDIC PATCH each day. Make sure after wiping that you wait 30 seconds or more before applying the DEVICE to ensure that all the fluid from the wipe has evaporated.
  • OPTIONAL ARM SLEEVE: If included, an arm sleeve can be worn over the DEVICE on the bicep. It is intended to provide extra comfort and peace of mind.

Applying the Device

Additional Notes:

  • It is recommended to rotate which arm to apply the device to when using the device on consecutive days. Additionally, the application location on the bicep can be shifted slightly day-to-day. Both approaches reduce the chance of skin irritation.
  • Read more in our FAQ

Dehydration Notification

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Removing the Device

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